True a2™

True a2™

True a2™ is our promise of exceptional product quality.  

This promise represents our experience & expertise in dairy nutrition, and our unrivalled & pioneering understanding of A1 and A2-type beta-casein proteins.

Our unique True a2™ ecosystem is designed to ensure that, all the way from our farms to your family, the finest a2™ products reach you in premium quality condition.

Pioneering Science

The a2 Milk Company® has been dedicated to pioneering milk protein science for over 20 years - ever since our founders first unlocked the natural wonder of a2 Milk™. The a2 Milk Company® is exclusively focused on bringing a2 Milk™ to the world and enabling more consumers to enjoy its unique benefits.

With deep knowledge of the science around A1 and A2-type proteins, The a2 Milk Company® has been granted 70+ related patents over 2 decades. As the original pioneers, our purpose remains consistent to this day – To pioneer the future of dairy for good.

Dedicated New Zealand Farmers

The a2™ brand was born on the pristine plains of New Zealand's finest dairy regions.

We are proud to work with a team of dedicated, passionate farmers in New Zealand to source the a2 Milk™ used in all products in our nutritional range. New Zealand's clean air & nutrient-rich soil, combined with temperate climate & abundant rain provide perfect conditions for our dedicated, passionate farmers.

So, wherever in the world you find our a2 Platinum® products, we’ve stayed true to the richness and purity of our homeland.

Specially Selected Cows

At The a2 Milk Company®, we are extremely particular about our cows and how they are cared for. Our passionate farmers carefully select cows that naturally produce milk containing only A2-type protein, and no A1.

Expert scientific genetic testing is used to accurately identify & segregate cows with exclusively A2-type protein genetics.

World-class animal welfare programmes, verified by independent experts, combined with rigorous animal tracking assures herd & milk quality.

World Class Processing

At The a2 Milk Company®, our purpose-built production facilities are fully accredited to international standards. Our passionate experts combine advanced technology with uncompromising care to deliver products of exceptional quality.

Advanced Testing & Tracking

Nothing is more important to us than the safety & integrity of our products. That’s why quality testing is an integral part of the manufacturing process. 

We also use an independent third party to verify our products. Oritain is a food-traceability expert and tests samples of a2 Platinum® products it obtains straight from retail shelves to confirm that these products are True a2™. This testing is scientific, ongoing and completely independent.

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*A1 and A2 proteins refer to A1 and A2 beta-casein protein types

a2 Milk™ is a trade mark of, and brand of A1 protein-free milk from, The a2 Milk Company Limited